About Hacklol

Hacklol is a free service without advertisements to edit websites, with the help of a web app, Hacklol Modifier.

Privacy policy and terms of use

How to use Hackol?

To use Hacklol and Hacklol Modifier, you need to enter the URL of a website on the homepage, validate the ReCaptcha and accept the present terms of use and privacy policy. Once you've done this and validated the form, you will access to the Hackol Modifier interface. You can then make unlimited use of the application. A 3-minute delay between the submission of each form allowing access to Hacklol Modifier has been put in place to prevent abuse.

Data saved by Hacklol and Hacklol Modifier

When you access to Hacklol Modifier, the website you have edited, the date and time when you have sent the form and your IP address is saved in the statistics database. However, the saved IP addresses are automatically deleted after 10 days, only the administrator of the website can access to this data, visitors have only access to the URL of the modified website and the date and time. The IP addresses are registered to identify possible abuses (access to websites considered doubtful, abuse of the function of registration of the websites in the statistics) and to block the access to the users practicing these abuses (ban). If you use Hacklol Page Loader, the URL addresses of the websites visited with this feature, your IP address, the date and the hour of your visit are recorded in a log file, for security reasons as well as to identify abuses. The identification of the websites you have edited (data displayed on the statistics page) is based on your IP address under hashed form (it is converted into a fingerprint irreversibly). You have the possibility to delete the entries from the list of sites that you have modified by clicking on « Delete » in front of the URL of the entry. These entries will still exist in the statistics, but your hashed IP address will be cleared from the database for the entries you have deleted.

Cookies and website data saved by your web browser

Hacklol doesn't save any cookie or other data on your web browser to identify you (unlike most websites). The only saved cookies are used to save your preferences. The settings saved from Hacklol Modifier are provided by the functionality "localStorage".

About Hacklol Page Loader

Hacklol Page Loader is a feature enabled by default which allow the server of Hacklol to connect to websites for you and then send to you the contents of the websites. This is a kind of proxy, based on PHP-proxy (the websites recognize the IP address of the server of Hacklol, not your IP address). This feature improves the compatibility of the websites by disabling anti-iframes. Although no data received and sent through this feature are recorded by Hacklol (except URLs), please don't use it to connect to a website using an username and a password or even to make purchases/others things like this. The URLs of the websites visited using Hacklol Page Loader are saved in a log file, for security reasons as well as to identify abuses. This feature can be disabled in the settings of Hacklol Modifier.

Blocking of some websites

The access and the modification of certain websites with Hacklol Modifier can be blocked by the administrator of Hacklol if he deem them doubtful or illegal, as well as for security reasons. Any access to websites deemed to be doubtful or illegal may lead to a permanent ban on access to Hacklol Modifier.


The website logs, like all other websites, the visits of all visitors. The data collected includes: IP address, webpage visited, HTTP request type and response code. Files are kept for a maximum period of one year.

Accessing and deleting your personal data

The Your data section at the bottom of this page allows you to access and request the deletion of your personal data stored by the website.

Third party services used:

This website uses the following third-party services:

Technical operation of the website

How work Hacklol Modifier ?

When you enter an URL and validate the form (after validating the Recaptcha), the Hacklol server checks the validity of the Recaptcha with the Google server. After that, the URL is verified and the server allows you to access Hacklol Modifier. When you access to Hacklol Modifier, the website is loaded in an iframe (HTML element). It's independent of Hacklol Modifier so Hacklol can't access the page's content. If Hacklol Page Loader is enabled (by default), it's the server of Hacklol who connects to the websites and who display them to you. That allows a better compatibility with websites because it disable anti-iframes. This feature can be disabled in Hacklol Modifier settings. With scripts in JavaScript, you can do anything Hacklol offers. The interface is designed in HTML5 and CSS3. The sound effects are .mp3 files.

Hacklol Modifier compatibility

For the best use of Hacklol Modifier, you need to enable JavaScript and make sure your browser is compatible with canvas elements, with playing .mp3 files, with localStorage functionality and with HTML5 & CSS3. If your browser is incompatible with these functionalities, some features may not work, or Hacklol Modifier may not be properly executed. I recommend the latest version of the browser Firefox, fully compatible with Hacklol Modifier.

Hacklol Modifier source code

Hacklol Modifier's source code is available at: https://github.com/Eliastik/hacklol-modifier

You are free to modify the code and redistribute it. You can also make an alternative version available on Internet (using the Docker image already built, for example). The source code is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.

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